Board Committees

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The Executive Committee reviews the overall financial health and strategic vision of the organization between board meetings. 

Michael J. Garner, President
Aldrin K. Enis, 1st Vice President
Reginald L. Pittman, 2nd Vice President
Robert B. Brown, 3rd Vice President
Marcel Florestal, Esq., Secretary/Counsel
Clarence Smith, Jr. Esq., Asst. Secretary/Counsel
Frederick E. Davis, Jr., CPA, JD, Treasurer
Kenneth Hylton, Assistant Treasurer
R. Emanuel Scott, Jr., Financial Secretary 


The Annual Gala Committee supports the planning and execution of the organization’s primary fundraiser.

Robert Brown
Will Brown
Aldrin Enis 


The Membership Committee manages the overall membership strategy and assets of the organization. The committee handles quarterly reviews and approvals of membership applications, and promotes member services and programmatic engagement.

Stepfone Montgomery
Aldrin Enis
Derrick Barnes 


The Nominating Committee oversees the biannual elections for board members and officers of the organization. The committee confirms voter eligibility and maintains records of elections.

Stepfone Montgomery
Marcel Florestal, Esq.
Clarence Smith, Jr.


The Program Committees provide members an opportunity to support overall program development, as well as planning, implementation, and assessment. There are six Program Committees: Arts and Culture; Economic Empowerment; Education; Health and Wellness; Special Events and Projects; and Youth Development.

Arts and Culture
William H. Burgess
John H. Austin, Jr.

Economic Empowerment
Rev. Jacques De Graff
Bill Howell
Lloyd Douglas 

Reggie Pittman
Greg Worrell
David Banks 

Health and Wellness
Louis Baldwin
Errol Pierre

Special Events and Projects
Aldrin K. Enis
Anthony Ukoli
James Peterson 

Youth Development
Phillip Britton
Tyrone McKinney
Jim Harrison
Nakiim Bey