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Leaders lead. In these unsettling times, the founding chapter of One Hundred Black Men remains committed to its ongoing efforts of pursuing meaningful gains for the Black community. We will continue to ensure the general public that we, as an organization, are building upon those efforts to bring solace to the displaced and confused.

2023 Dr. Roscoe C. Brown Golf Classic

The people of Haiti still need our help!

Please make your contribution to the OHBM Haitian Relief Fund. We are trying to meet our $10,000 goal to provide our intended level of support.

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One Hundred Black Men of New York ardently condemns the racist death threats directed towards Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. We stand in solidarity with him, his family, and his office in their pursuit of justice, even when it involves holding those in positions of power accountable for their actions.

NEW YORK CITY – April 6, 2023 – Sixty years ago, NYPD Sergeant and One Hundred Black Men of New York (OHBM) Founder Robert Mangum was the focus of significant public pressure for freeing Hazel Sharper from jail and voiding her traffic ticket. Founder Mangum went against the grain and stood up for a Black woman when it was unpopular because it was both his job and the right thing to do.

It is this historic moment that sparked the birth of The One Hundred Black Men of New York. Sixty years later, another Black leader is doing his job and standing up for what is right, and again a Black leader is confronted with tremendous external pressure including deaththreats to him, his family, and staff. Like in the days of our founding, OHBM is compelled to shield our Black leader and his loved ones from the intense pressure he faces from known and unknown sources.

Quoting OHBM President Aldrin Enis:
“One Hundred Black Men of New York strongly condemns any threats made against District Attorney Alvin Bragg, his family, and his staff. We stand in solidarity with them and all those who work tirelessly to ensure justice and safety for all New Yorkers. Threats of violence have no place in place in our society, and we call on all individuals and communities to work together to promote peace, unity, and respect for one another. We urge law enforcement to take these threats seriously and to investigate and prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law. We send our support and encouragement to District Attorney Bragg and his team during this difficult time and commend them for their dedication and commitment to serving the people of New York.”

Quoting 2nd Vice President Jermaine Huell:
“We stand with DA Bragg and offer our support and encouragement during these difficult times. We urge him to stay strong and continue his pursuit of justice, knowing that he has the full backing of our organization and the wider community. We recognize that racism and bigotry have no place in our society. We must continue to demand accountability from those who seek to undermine it, and we must never allow anyone to escape justice, no matter how powerful or influential they may be.”

Quoting the 100 Black Men of America, Inc.:
“The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. lends its steadfast support of District Attorney Alvin Bragg in the face of death threats as he performs his duty as a public servant. As an organization focused on mentoring youth and providing role models for our young people to emulate, we find laudable District Attorney Bragg’s resilience and focus on justice.”
–Honorable Charles B. Rangel
US Congressman (1970-2017)

On April 7, 2023, Good Friday, OHBM will gather at Collect Pond Park, 130 Leonard Street, NYC
from 11:00am –1:00 pm, to demonstrate our support for DA Bragg.
For all inquiries, please Contact Erik Cliette

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These are troubling times, but we are made for this moment! Rest assured that the One Hundred Black Men of New York is not standing on the sidelines.

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One Hundred Black Men, Inc. of New York (OHBM) remains dedicated to creating positive change in all NYC communities.


Our mission is to leverage member talent, ability and energy to achieve gains for the Black community with a focus on education


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For over 50 years, One Hundred Black Men has worked with government, corporations, and community leaders to transform economic and social policy, as well as launch independent programs and organizations that serve low-income communities. Our members include leaders across the business, political, and non-profit sectors in New York. The organization provides scholarships, educational support, economic empowerment, mentoring, health and wellness initiatives and an overall voice for the African American community.