About Us

The mission of One Hundred Black Men of New York is to play a proactive role in leveraging our collective talent, ability and energy toward achieving meaningful gains for the Black community. One Hundred Black Men initiatives focus on education through mentoring, wealth building strategies, fostering economic development and raising awareness of health issues affecting our communities.

Our Vision

One Hundred Black Men seeks to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse talents to create environments where our children are motivated to achieve, and to empower our people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve.

Our Values

One Hundred Black Men is committed to the intellectual development of youth and the economic empowerment of the African American community based on the following precepts: respect for family, spirituality, justice, and integrity.

New members in 2023

Served 136 mentees through the Junior One Hundred Program

Awarded $100,000 in college scholarships

Fed 10,000 needy residents through the OHBM Citywide Holiday Hunger Relief Program