Unfinished Business

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To Unfinished Business Applicants,

These are trying times for small business owners nationwide and One Hundred Black Men is doing our best to assist them. We are pleased to announce that in partnership with the Unfinished Business Small Business initiative, The Founding Chapter of One Hundred Black Men is helping 765 Black small businesses stay open and operational. We are helping businesses from 350 US cities, towns and villages within 37 states. Click here to learn about a few of the businesses we are assisting.

While we could not fund every one of the deserving small businesses that applied, the OHBM team understands that businesses desperately need help, and this is just a beginning. We will continue working with partners and sponsors to assist small businesses like yours through webinars and conferences over the next few months. Please continue to check ohbm.org and the Unfinished Business website where you will find a collection of videos, webinars, useful forms, and other resources on the resources page.

Feel free to contact us at unfinishedbusiness@OHBM.ORG should you have any questions.

In Solidarity,

The OHBM Unfinished Business Team